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Awesome Progress On These 5 Empire Homes

It's been a great few weeks of progress on our homes on Cresent Dr. and Ottawa Ave


At 11539 Crescent we've passed all of our rough inspections, completed framing the deck, additional grading for the driveway with turnaround and front porch. completed insulation, and are finishing drywall. Check out that view from the picture window next to the fireplace and those vaulted ceilings.


At 9924 Ottawa we've made great progress on siding the exterior and rough inspections. This is a modified version of our Lakeshore Loft. We love all of the windows and the additional sun room on the back of this home.


AT 9927 Ottawa we've done some additional landscaping/grading and siding will start soon. What color do you think this one will be? This home is already insulated and drywalled. Flooring and trim carpentry will start soon. This home will be listed for sale very soon.


AT 9921 Ottawa, the exterior is nearly complete. Trim, cabinets, flooring, and tile are all in progress. The last photo in this collage is of the master bath wet room. It has a sky light, shower, soaking tub, tiled niche, and the opening on framing to the left is for the electric fireplace in the master suite on the opposite side of the wall.


Finally, at 9918 Ottawa, we are finishing the exterior and the interior of the home is almost complete (painting and trim has already been completed). This home was construction with Superior Walls in the basement and the 1st floor. To make the home look more traditional, we're installing furring strips and then attaching the siding to them - you won't even know this home has concrete walls once we're done.

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