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Community Septic System

On 4/18/22, our proposed community septic system was approved by EGLE. The system will service 18 single family residential units. The system will service lots 32-48 and parcel 7 with initial septic field on lots 29-30 (12,560 sft field size) with a reserve septic field area on Parcel 7 to the east side of Crescent Drive(13,000 sft). A 20’ wide sewer easement services access to both main septic field and reserve field areas. Each unit will be serviced by existing public water service and individual water service leads.

Each existing residential lot will have a septic tank and a pump chamber servicing each home located in a utility easement. The basis of design is Five(5) 3-bedroom homes, Thirteen(13) 2-bedroom homes.

We will begin construction on 5 of the homes that this community system services before year end (lots 41, 42, 43, 44 on the west side of Crescent and lot 7 on the east side of Crescent).


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