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Project Updates 2022.08.17

Wow! It's been almost year since we've posted a meaningful update here on our site. There's a lot to catch you all up on.

We've already completed and sold our first 15 homes (completed 5 additional on Crescent Drive) , we have 5 in progress (1 on Crescent and 4 on Ottawa) and 6 more slated to start before the end of 2022 (4 on west side of Crescent, 1 on east side of Crescent, 1 on Ottawa). We'll be making posts about each of the additional homes we've completed, have in progress, and have planned.

Earlier this year we received our permit from EGLE for our needed community septic system. This allows us to start construction on the interior of the neighborhood, between Sunset and Crescent drives. We have 4 homes planned to start there and 1 home planned to start on the remaining parcel on the east side of Crescent Drive in the coming months.

Here's a preview of an update we'll be doing on the homes completed adjacent to the wetlands. This is a 2 story home, roughly 1900 sq ft with an unfinished basement.

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